About Us

Created Date: 2015-12-29 19:27:12

  Hunan JiuShiZhai High altitude mountains tea industry CO.,LTD was founded in 2005,we are a provincial agriculture industrialization leading enterprise that focus on planting\producing\processing quality-tea and high altitude mountain organic tea and combine developing sightseeing agriculture, our tea have been obtained organic food certification for nine years in a row.JiuShiZhai is the largest exporting and producing quality-tea enterprise in Yueyang City and the largest proprietary high mountain organic tea base in Hunan province currently.

  Our yellow tea\black tea\green tea won gold medal at Shanghai international organic farm food exposition in 2013,identifid as “Chinese well-know trademark” in 2015.JiuShiZhai high mountain tea plantation was elected as “the most beautiful tea plantation” in China. Our “Lianyunjinzhen” Yellow tea was voted state-level quality-tea .

  We has more than 200 employees,3 processing factories and 3 automatic production lines.We have proprietary high mountain organic tea base 5000 mu,and cooperation tea base 13 thousand mu,aunual output value is over 120 million.